Hang on to those medical certificates

| 6/15/2011

A new regulation that would have freed truckers from keeping their medical certificates in their possession has been put on hold for a couple of years.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration implemented a new reg in December 2008 that requires state licensing agencies to keep electronic records of truckers’ current medical certificates. Truckers are required to present their certificates to the agencies upon each certificate renewal.

The electronic records are intended to help law enforcement officers verify current medical certification on the roadside.

Originally, states were to be online and collecting the certificates by Jan. 30, 2012. However, many states indicated they will not be ready.

FMCSA published a notice of proposed rulemaking in the Federal Register that seeks to extend the deadline for states to be up and running to Jan. 30, 2014.

In the meantime, truckers should keep their credentials handy for those roadside inspections.