Missouri River flooding to close stretch of Interstate 29 in Iowa

| 6/9/2011

A 15-mile-long stretch of Interstate 29 just north of Council Bluffs, IA, will be shut down by the weekend according to the state DOT.

Spokeswoman Dena Gray-Fisher says rising waters from the flood-swollen Missouri River are prompting the closure. And she says once it’s closed, it could remain shut down for quite a while.

“The Corps of Engineers is recommending people to consider this area to be inundated at least through June, July and probably into August,” said Gray-Fisher.

Besides the I-29 closure, I-680 west of I-29 will be closed, too.

Gray-Fisher said another area of concern along the I-29 corridor is near Hamburg, south of Council Bluffs on the Iowa-Missouri border.

If levees in that area fail, the interstate would have to be closed there as well.