Popular truck stop, restaurant closing in Pennsylvania

| 5/26/2011

Anticipating “immense confusion in the trucking community” by the closing of a popular truck stop, police in the Pennsylvania town of Ephrata want truckers to have a heads-up. 

On Tuesday, May 31, The Milestone Restaurant and 222 Truck Stop will be closing for business. Lt. Chris McKim of the Ephrata Police Department said that as of June 1, there will be no truck parking on that property.

Police know that truckers have long found the 222 Truck Stop to be a good place to eat and to park. The truck stop is located at U.S. 222 and U.S. 322, six miles south of I-76 Exit 21.

“That’s one of the things I wanted to make sure we got out there,” McKim told Land Line. “It’s not as if this business is just shutting down temporarily and the parking lot will be open. The parking is going to be off limits, too.”

“We just want to alert drivers before they get there and find out it’s closed,” he said, adding that there is another truck stop on U.S. 322 called the Trailside Express.

He recommended Martin’s Trailside Express for truckers and said it was about three miles east of the one that’s closing. Trailside Express offers fuel and fast food. It’s open 24/7.