Run For The Wall rolls by OOIDA HQ

| 5/23/2011

About 500 motorcycles roared by the OOIDA building in Grain Valley, MO, on Monday, May 23.

The eastbound bikers are largely military veterans who are heading to Washington, DC, and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It’s the annual Run For The Wall, and OOIDA staff members lined up beside I-70 with American flags to cheer them on.

“The support we get is phenomenal. I mean you’ve got people that work here that know we’re coming, and they’re going to stand out there and wave. But yesterday, every overpass from Goodland, KS, to Junction City had at least 30 people on it. Some of them didn’t have a way to get there. I don’t know how they got up there,” said military veteran David Talley, one of the riders on the central route.

Another group of about 600 bikers is taking the southern route. The two groups will converge in Washington, DC, this Friday, May 27, and be joined by thousands of other bikers for a parade called “Rolling Thunder.”

For more information about the Run For The Wall, click here.