OOIDA webinar delves into background checks, accurate data

| 5/20/2011

The Pre-employment Screening Program can be a tricky topic when you are a trucker contemplating going it on their own under their own authority. You must understand how the program can be used in your new company’s operations and how it affects you personally.

The OOIDA Business Webinar series digs in next week on the topics of the Pre-employment Screening Program, how to challenge bad data through the DataQ process and how you as an individual can use Freedom of Information Act requests to find out what information the government has collected on you.

Enrollment remains open for the webinar on CSA, which will be held at 7 p.m. Central Standard Time on Tuesday, May 24.

OOIDA’s CSA panel of experts includes Kip Hough of OOIDA’s Business Services Department; and Jami Jones, senior editor of Land Line Magazine.

After the webinar, there will be a live interactive question-and-answer session.

Keep in mind that all of the sessions are archived so you can take the courses and get the valuable information on your own time. Sessions will remain available for about a year after they are first presented. That means if you want to go back and grab the session on CSA offered on May 17, 2011, sign up and get instant access.

Sign up for a single one-hour session at $60, or get the complete package of 12 class sessions for $540 – a savings of $180. Learn more at ooida.com.