Wyoming Oks federal truck rules

| 2/23/2011

A new law in Wyoming adopts federal truck rules and ensures the state doesn?t lose out on some government funding.

Gov. Matt Mead has signed into law a bill to put the state in accordance with the FMCSA?s 2012 medical certification requirements.

CDL holders operating interstate must submit a copy of their medical certificate to the state DOT. Failure to do so by Jan. 30, 2014, would result in the loss of commercial driving privileges or in having their CDL downgraded.

The federal government mandates that states adopt the provision before Jan. 30, 2012, to avoid non-compliance. Failure to comply in the first year could cost a state 5 percent of federal highway funds. The percent of funds lost would increase to 10 percent for the second or subsequent years of noncompliance.

A separate provision in the bill ? SF18 ? specifies that anyone who violates out-of-service orders in Wyoming must pay a steep price.

Fines for first offenders would be $2,500 fines. Anyone caught more than once would be responsible for paying at least $5,000.

Motor carriers would also stiff punishment. Employers convicted of knowingly allowing, requiring, permitting or authorizing a driver in OOS status to get behind the wheel would face up to $25,000 fines.

Another provision in the bill lengthens the duration of a driver?s suspension for violating an OOS order. Getting behind the wheel of a truck subject to an OOS order would result in the driver?s license being suspended for six months. Until now, state law authorized 90-day suspensions.

Repeat offenses within 10 years would result in loss of driving privileges for two years ? up from one year.

Non-compliance would have cost the state a 5 percent loss of federal highway aid, complete loss of all federal grants, and a $5,000-a-day fine.

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