Cargo theft: Where are trucks most vulnerable?

| 2/18/2011

Distribution centers and terminal lots were the No. 1 location for stolen cargo in the last year, though truck stops also rank high on the list of cargo theft locations.

FreightWatch International, a logistics security firm, recently released its monthly report on cargo theft.

From February 2010 through January 2011, more than 120 reported cargo theft incidents occurred at truck stops. Nearly 100 such incidents were reported for the category of ?secured distribution centers/terminal lots,? with nearly another 100 for secured DCs and terminal lots.

More than 20 cargo thefts were reported from public access parking lots, fewer than 20 were reported from roadside thefts, and only a handful of cargo thefts were reported under ?fictitious pickup and ?driver theft? categories.

To view the whole report, click here.

Two years ago, OOIDA founded a security program aimed partly at locating stolen trucks and trailers.

TRACER, the Transportation Alert Communication and Emergency Response program, was launched in April 2008 by OOIDA. The program is a two-way communication system that both sends alerts to members and coordinates information received from trucking members.

Members can sign up to receive text messages and e-mail alerts for truck thefts and missing persons.

Truckers may call the TRACER hotline at 866-950-2291 or visit to get the latest advisory or if they have information to report about stolen cargo or missing persons, etc.