Convicted killer Mendenhall admits ‘committing sins’

| 2/9/2011

The last time accused serial killer Bruce Mendenhall communicated with the outside world from behind bars he wound up with much more than a pen pal.  

This time, he?s apparently admitting to ?committing sins.?

Mendenhall, a former truck driver, was convicted last year in the first of several allegations that he killed women after meeting them at or near truck stops.

After first being arrested in July 2007, Mendenhall attempted to order the killings of Lori Young, David Powell and Richard Keim, as well as Tennessee detectives Pat Postiglione and Mike Freeman, the two main investigators in a murder case.

Police obtained evidence related to the jailhouse murder plot from letters Mendenhall wrote to family members, as well as recordings of his phone calls. He was convicted for the plot and sentenced to 30 years behind bars.

This week, Nashville?s NewsChannel 5 is reporting that Mendenhall has written several letters to Nick Beres, a station employee. In the letters, the station reported, Mendenhall claims he is a victim who has been abused by police.

?I don?t think this psycho killer wants to give you an interview,? NewsChannel 5 reported. ?Leave me alone.?

Last May, a jury convicted Mendenhall on first degree murder charges for the 2007 killing of 25-year-old Sarah Nicole Hulbert. Hulbert?s body was found on June 26, 2007, along a fence in the parking lot of a Nashville truck stop.

Lori Young, spouse of OOIDA Member Kenneth Young, testified at Mendenhall?s trial for the Hulbert killing last year. In 2002, Young spent four days riding in Mendenhall?s truck, and she later moved to his hometown of Albion, IL. She rented a house from Mendenhall adjacent to the Mendenhall family home.

Young granted Land Line an exclusive interview for an article featured here.

This fall, Mendenhall is slated to face charges related to the killing of Samantha Winters in Wilson County, TN.