Biden and LaHood promote high-speed rail

| 2/8/2011

Vice President Joe Biden and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said this week that infrastructure plans must continue to promote high-speed rail projects. How these projects would be paid for remains an issue with highway users, including truckers who pay a substantial amount in taxes and fees to build and maintain the country?s infrastructure.

Biden and LaHood appeared at a busy Philadelphia transit station on Tuesday, Feb. 8, to promote increased investment in rail, hinting to the tune of billions of dollars in the next transportation authorization bill. They also acknowledged that work is needed to repair and modernize aging roads and bridges.

?The Obama administration understands that in order to win the future and grow America?s economy over the long-term, we must modernize our national transportation network,? LaHood stated in a DOT press release.

?We?re committed to repairing our existing infrastructure and building new ways to move people, goods and information around so we can strengthen our communities and our economy.?

President Obama and his transportation administrators are currently on a ?Build Week? tour promoting investments that create jobs.