Could Kansas speed limit soon be 75?

| 1/28/2011

A Kansas state lawmaker wants to increase the speed limit by 5 mph on portions of highways to level the playing field with surrounding states.

Rep. Marvin, Kleeb, R-Overland Park, is calling for the speed limit to be increased from 70 mph to 75 mph on rural stretches of divided four-lane highways. Highways posted with 55 mph and 65 mph speeds would remain unchanged.

Kleeb said he believes the higher limit would be good for the state?s economy and for truckers. He pointed out that multiple western states, including neighboring Colorado, Nebraska and Oklahoma, already have a 75 mph limit.

?The higher limit could make Kansas more competitive as a primary route for truckers, as well as vacationers,? Kleeb told Land Line. ?I can imagine if you?re making money as a trucker an extra 5 mph adds up.?

He also said it would make travel safer.

?We have a lot of people who want to drive 75. It is a natural speed limit in a lot of people?s minds and this would bring a lot of the slower drivers up to 75, which would create an overall safety enhancement,? he said.

The Kansas Department of Transportation would retain authority to make exceptions to the rule.

Critics question whether it?s a good idea to boost speeds to enable drivers to get to their destination earlier. They are also concerned that drivers will travel even faster.

The bill ? HB2034 ? is in the House Transportation Committee.

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