Wyoming bills cover truck fines, passing slower traffic

| 1/26/2011

Large truck fines and exceeding the speed limit to pass other vehicles are among the topics under consideration at the Wyoming statehouse.

The House voted 57-1 to advance a bill that would allow motorists to surpass the speed limit by as much as 10 mph to pass other vehicles traveling below the posted speed on two-lane roads. Commercial vehicles would not be given the same tolerance.

Sponsored by Rep. Del McOmie, R-Lander, the bill ? HB33 ? would apply only to roads with speed limits of at least 50 mph.

Construction zones are not included.

Motorists found to be traveling in excess of the 10 mph leeway provided would face the same penalties as normal. The revenue would be deposited in the local county school fund.

The local county school fund would also stand to benefit from another bill to boost fines for oversized and overweight trucks.

Currently, the fine for oversize vehicles ranges from $50 to $500. Sponsored by Sen. Floyd Esquibel, D-Cheyenne, the bill would authorize fines ranging from $150 to $600 ? an additional $100 for all violations.

According to a fiscal note on the bill, the change could result in an additional $42,700 annually.

Also, the overweight vehicle violation would also rise by $100. Fines would range from $125 to $850 ? up from a range of $25 to $750.

The additional $100 fine for each 1,000 pounds, or fraction thereof, exceeding 20,000 pounds over the legal limit would be doubled to $200.

The bill ? SF124 ? is awaiting consideration in the Senate Transportation, Highways and Military Affairs Committee. HB33 is awaiting assignment to committee in the Senate.

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