Deep freeze driving: What would Forrest Lucas do?

| 1/24/2011

Truckers in the northeastern United States were in the deep freeze today with wind chills of 20-to-30 below from northern Pennsylvania to New Hampshire, including the Boston area.

Last night, the temperature in Saranac, NY, fell to 36 degrees below.

The weather bureau issued a wind chill advisory for the area, cautioning that exposure to the cold can lead to frostbite in just 30 minutes.  

As for truckers, the extreme cold translates into more idling time.

We asked Forrest Lucas, president and CEO of Lucas Oil what he recommends to keep trucks running in the extreme cold. Lucas is an OOIDA member who started out as a trucker years ago. He still has his CDL and owns 30 trucks that make up the Lucas Oil private fleet.

?Best thing to do right now I?d say is: Don?t shut the darn things off,? says Lucas. ?And change the fuel filter once in a while to make sure if you get any water at all in there that doesn?t freeze up. Carry a spare fuel filter and a filter wrench is what I always tell all my drivers. Always make sure you?ve got two filters and a filter wrench in the side box all the time.?

Of course, one other thing Lucas recommends is the use of a cold weather fuel treatment, preferably, he says, the Lucas Oil brand.