Still confused on CSA? Next OOIDA webinar sets record straight

| 1/21/2011

The misinformation, rumors and flat out lies swirling around the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration?s latest enforcement endeavor ? Compliance, Safety, Accountability or CSA for short ? just doesn?t seem to be ending.

To make sure that drivers have all of the facts, OOIDA?s next webinar in its Advanced Owner-Operator series will be on CSA.

Enrollment remains open for the webinar on CSA, which will be held at 7 p.m. Central Standard Time on Tuesday, Jan. 25.

OOIDA?s CSA panel of experts includes Joe Rajkovacz, director of regulatory affairs; Kip Hough of OOIDA?s Business Services department; and Jami Jones, senior editor of Land Line Magazine.

During the webinar, they will review the history of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration?s enforcement program and the reasons the agency chose to switch to CSA.

CSA topics cover how the program works, including where the data is generated from and how the safety rankings are computed. The webinar also explains how the program is broken down into seven different compliance areas, called BASICs, and how this affects you as a motor carrier.

After the webinar, there will be a live interactive question-and-answer session.

The final module in the first OOIDA webinar series will be on pre-employment screening and DataQ challenges on Tuesday, Feb. 1.

Keep in mind that all of the sessions are archived so you can take the courses and get the valuable information on your own time. Sessions will remain available for about a year after they are first presented. That means if you want to go back and grab the session on drug testing and medical insurance first offered on Nov. 16, 2010, sign up and get instant access.

A second webinar series will begin in mid-February, geared to educating drivers wanting to know about obtaining and operating under their own authority. In this 12-part series, drivers will learn about common, contract and exempt authority, insurance, permits, cost of operations, drug testing, leasing regulations and other valuable information.

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