Could New York City soon post cameras in ‘No Truck’ zones?

| 1/14/2011

A bill in the New York State Legislature is intended to get tough with truck drivers using New York City streets that are off limits to trucks. Professional drivers say it is no easy task trying to navigate through the city.

Sponsored by Sen. Daniel Squadron, D-Brooklyn, the bill would set up a pilot truck weight photo-monitoring system in New York City.

Targeted at trucks using roadways posted as a ?No Truck? zone, it would allow city government to set up a local law or ordinance to create a demonstration program. As many as 50 intersections could be outfitted with photo-monitoring devices to snap pictures of trucks.

Owner-operator and OOIDA Life Member Lou Esposito, of Duanesburg, NY, said passage of the effort would be another reason to avoid going into the city.

?It?s hard enough to navigate through New York City. You can be stuck on a road and make a turn without even knowing it?s a road that?s posted,? Esposito told Land Line. ?And if this bill goes through you?ll end up with a ticket, with a fine in the mail.?

Cameras would be activated by a vehicle sensor working in conjunction with a vehicle scale. Owners of vehicles found in violation would face $50 fines. No points would be added to the driver?s license and the insurance company would not be notified.

Owners not driving the vehicle at the time of the offense could seek indemnification against the operator.

Owner-operator and OOIDA Senior Member Terry Button, of Rushville, NY, said elected officials should make better use of their time to address issues of concern in New York City.

?We have so many more important things to do than worry about whether a truck might go through a no truck zone to deliver something. Trucks aren?t going to go down there for the hell of it,? Button said.

Esposito said he is not surprised to hear about this latest effort by officials to stick it to truckers.

?They are not trucker friendly. That?s why truckers don?t want to come to New York State,? he said.

The bill ? S875 ? is in the Senate Transportation Committee.

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