Previous OOIDA scholarship winner urges others to apply

| 1/12/2011


Courtesy of Bill Sherren Jr.

Mindy Sherren Bollow was a 2000 OOIDA-Mary Johnston Scholarship winner. She is the daughter of OOIDA Senior Member Bill Sherren Jr. of Petersburg, IL.

OOIDA scholarship winner Mindy Sherren Bollow readily admits that without scholarships and grants assisting her with her tuition expenses, she might not have been able to afford college.

However, the 2000 scholarship recipient said she achieved her goal and graduated from Western Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education, majoring in Early Childhood Education. She added that she was an Honors Scholar with a 4.0 GPA and summa cum laude distinction.

Recently, the OOIDA-Mary Johnston Scholarship committee checked in with previous scholarship winners to find out how these awards have helped them since high school graduation. Mindy was one of many previous winners who updated the committee on how the scholarship helped her obtain her career goals.

“I can’t remember the details of my first essay, as it was written nearly a decade ago, but I still have great respect for the trucking industry. I don’t think the general public realizes how much they depend on the goods and services provided by the trucking industry,” she wrote in her letter.

Mindy is the daughter of OOIDA Senior Member Bill Sherren Jr. of Petersburg, IL. She is currently a stay-at-home mom after teaching kindergarten for three years.

“The award made it possible for me to get a degree that I once thought may not be possible,” she wrote.

Those planning to apply for a scholarship through the OOIDA Foundation have only a few more weeks to submit their applications because scholarship applications must be postmarked by Tuesday, Feb. 1.

The committee is currently accepting applications and will award five more scholarships for the 2011-2012 school year.

Those eligible for the scholarships include the children, grandchildren and legal dependents of dues-paying OOIDA members.

The first-place scholarship winner will receive a $2,000 award, and another four winners will receive $1,000 scholarships that can be renewed for up to four years of school.

“My advice to students getting ready to further their education today is to check everywhere for scholarships and apply for them, even though you may think your odds of winning it may be small,” Mindy wrote in her letter to the scholarship committee.