Dart adds new ‘Fil-Mor dedicated fleet’

| 1/3/2011

Most former Fil-Mor Express Inc. drivers are heading back to work soon thanks to a new division being created by competitor Dart Transit of Eagan, MN.

Just a week before Christmas 2010, more than 200 drivers received one-day’s notice that their company was closing down.

However, Dart Transit Co. has stepped up and is adding a new division to their company, known as the “Fil-Mor Dedicated Fleet.” Dart is purchasing many of Fil-Mor’s tractors and some trailers and is recruiting the company’s former drivers for the new operation.

Steve Gundale, Dart’s director of corporate communications, told Land Line the company has received applications from nearly 90 percent of former Fil-Mor drivers and that applications are still “trickling in” daily.
“Since Dart did not buy Fil-Mor, we are in the middle of re-creating Fil-Mor’s entire working organization within Dart in a very short time-frame,” Gundale said. “There is a great deal of work being done right now to have the equipment ready when we begin to ramp up service in the first week of January.”

Gundale said the goal of Dart’s new dedicated fleet is to keep many of Fil-Mor’s “people and service together.” Drivers for the new fleet, based around Fil-Mor’s specialized operation, will continue to move 53,000-pound loads with day cabs via a relay system.

“Equipment needs to be repositioned at the right locations with enough drivers in place to keep it moving,” Gundale said. “It also requires training the Fil-Mor dispatchers and safety personnel into Dart’s system, coordinating the resumption of service with customers, etc. As all of this gets done, we will continue to evaluate the service and processes and make changes as necessary.”