TA-Petro adding DEF pumps to fuel islands

| 1/3/2011

Travel Centers of America says it will install about 50 diesel exhaust fluid dispensers on its fueling islands across the country this year.

In a press release, TA says truckers will be able to pay for the DEF at the dispenser, rather than having to go inside.

Right now, TA and Petro only offer DEF in 2-and-a-half-gallon containers, which are sold inside. The company says it will be the first truck stop chain to offer the fueling island dispensers.

The first five locations are the TravelCenters of America in Lodi, OH, and Nashville, TN, which will reopen in February, and the Petro Stopping Centers locations in Spokane, WA; Kingman, AZ; and El Paso, TX.