President signs DERA into law; diesel grants put in motion

| 1/6/2011

Truck owners will continue to be able to apply for local, state and other grants they can use to replace or retrofit their equipment.

On Jan. 4, President Obama signed House Resolution 5809 – commonly known as the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act of 2010 – into law. DERA authorizes $100 million every year for five years between 2012 and 2016.

DERA money is awarded to state, county and entities that in turn create local diesel programs. Truck owners apply through those entities for grants to pay for or loan money for a variety of emissions reduction actions. Those include replacing trucks, retrofitting trucks and trailers and reimbursing portions of idle-reduction equipment such as APUs.

DERA was co-authored by Sens. Tom Carper, D-DE, and George Voinovich, R-OH, in 2005, but it wasn’t funded until 2007.