Maryland boosts auto liability coverage

| 12/29/2010

Truckers will be interested to know that a new law taking effect this week in Maryland requires motorists to carry more liability insurance.

Since the early 1970s, Maryland law has required automobile policyholders to have at least $15,000 for damage to the property of others. Drivers also have been required to carry $20,000 coverage for injury or death to one person in any wreck and $40,000 coverage for injury or death to more than one person.

Starting Saturday, Jan. 1, the minimum requirements increase to $30,000 for each person injured or killed, and up to $60,000 for additional injuries or deaths. Changes will be implemented upon issuance or renewal of policies.

Critics say they are concerned that low-income workers in the state will be negatively affected by the change because they already struggle to afford coverage.

Supporters said the change will help curb the number of serious injury and wrongful death cases in the state when insurance coverage is inadequate. They also point out that the state standards had fallen below the national average. With the changes in place, Maryland is expected to vault into the top 10.

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