Marine Cross Country drivers still in limbo

| 12/27/2010

Company drivers for Marine Cross Country of Greenville, SC, are still in limbo after receiving grim news a few days before Christmas that their company’s financial picture was bleak.

However, the drivers say they didn’t receive the bad news from executives at their company, but instead from the truck leasing company, Cherokee Truck Leasing of Piedmont, SC, which owns the 14 trucks leased to Marine. Cherokee has been calling Marine drivers with the news they are to return the trucks to Cherokee’s yard immediately.

One driver, who didn’t want to be named, told Land Line that the lack of communication from company executives at Marine has created a lot of confusion among drivers, who aren’t sure what to do. He added that he did receive a check from Marine on Dec. 24, but is still owed for another week’s work. As of press time on Monday, Dec. 27, the fuel cards were still working.

The driver said he had heard rumors that Cherokee was going to be renting cars for the drivers or providing them with a bus ticket once they returned their trucks. However, a representative for Cherokee stated that this wasn’t the case at all. 

“Getting the drivers home is the company’s (Marine’s) responsibility,” the representative told Land Line on Monday, Dec. 27.

Marine’s President Michael Quinn declined to make a comment on his company’s situation, stating only to “call back in a week or two” for more information. According to its website, Marine Cross Country is a boat transportation service that operated in all 48 states and Canada.

The representative from Cherokee originally stated that all trucks were to be returned to its yard in South Carolina by Dec. 23. That deadline has now been extended to “by the first of the year.” So far, four of 14 trucks have been returned.