Call for return of trucks leased to Marine Cross Country, by Dec. 23

| 12/22/2010

Just days before the holidays, it appears another trucking company is ceasing operations as well, Marine Cross Country Inc. of Greenville, SC.

On Wednesday, Dec. 22, a representative from Cherokee Truck Leasing in Piedmont, SC, confirmed for Land Line that the company was calling for the return of 14 trucks that were leased to Marine Cross Country, a small boat hauling company that operated in all 48 states and Canada.

“I can confirm that we were supposed have a total of 14 trucks (from Marine Cross Country) on my yard by the end of business day tomorrow (Dec. 23),” the representative from Cherokee said. The representative said that only four trucks have been returned to Cherokee so far.

“Right now I am calling drivers suggesting you not load; you need to get those trucks back,” the Cherokee representative said.