Proposed hours-of-service reg clears White House

| 12/20/2010

Albeit a couple of weeks later than expected, the proposed hours-of-service regulation cleared the Office of Management and Budget on Friday, Dec. 17.

The official unveiling of the proposal would typically happen once it’s submitted to the Federal Register. However, both the Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration have recently released advanced copies of final and proposed regulations before they are officially published.

So far, that’s not the case, and very little information regarding what the proposal contains in the way of possible changes to the HOS regs is public.

However, there are a few hints included in the “Statement of Need” following OMB sign-off of the hours-of-service regulations.

“The proposed rule would also provide drivers with the flexibility to obtain rest when they need it and to adjust their schedules to account for unanticipated delays,” the statement reads.

“FMCSA has also attempted to make the proposed rule easy to understand (though not at the expense of safety) and readily enforceable.”

Originally, the agency had planned to publish the proposal in the Federal Register about a week after it cleared OMB. That proposed timeline has not been updated by the agency, and requests from FMCSA to clarify the new schedule were not returned as of press time.