Senate spending bill already dead on the vine

| 12/17/2010

As quickly as it was revealed this week, the U.S. Senate omnibus spending bill is already off the table. Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-NV, lost support from across the aisle on the $1.1 trillion bill that would have funded government programs through September 2011. Congress must now pass a shorter-term continuing resolution to keep government up and running.

OOIDA had been watching the Senate omnibus bill closely for measures such as Mexican trucks, vehicle size and weight, toll roads and other provisions that would have an effect on trucking and transportation. Reid blamed Republicans for turning their backs on the bill. In turn, Republican leadership accused the Democrats of padding the bill with earmarks. Research shows that lawmakers from both parties had included earmarks in the bill for their home districts.

Without resolution to the funding issue, the federal government could face furloughs.

“We cannot afford a government shutdown,” Reid said in a statement.

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