Diesel prices up another 3 cents and climbing

| 12/13/2010

The average price for on-highway diesel has climbed to $3.231 per gallon for the week ending Monday, Dec. 13, 2010. The U.S. Energy Information Administration reported the average at 3.4 cents higher than the previous week and 48.3 cents higher than one year ago.

Prices in the New England region were up almost 6 cents per gallon for the week, where the average topped $3.37 per gallon. California diesel was up 5 cents to average over $3.40 per gallon according to the EIA.

ProMiles showed Monday’s average at $3.258 per gallon, unchanged overnight but up from the previous few days. Washington state and Connecticut topped the list with tax-included averages above $3.50 per gallon.

South Carolina, Oklahoma, Missouri and Mississippi boasted the cheapest tax-included prices in the nation at around $3.08 a gallon on Monday.

Weekly averages, according to the EIA:

U.S. – $3.231, up 3.4 cents
East Coast – $3.248, up 4.2 cents
New England – $3.373, up 5.8 cents
Central Atlantic – $3.364, up 3.6 cents
Lower Atlantic – $3.187, up 4.3 cents
Midwest – $3.205, up 3.0 cents
Gulf Coast – $3.163, up 3.1 cents
Rocky Mountain – $3.285, up 0.9 cents
West Coast – $3.361, up 4.0 cents
California – $3.403, up 5.1 cents

In other energy news, oil prices were up slightly to $88.60 per barrel during midday trading on Monday. Reuters analysts suggest that U.S. oil prices will hold steady for the time being at between $86 and $90 per barrel based on a recent OPEC vote to maintain current output levels.