OOIDA webinar focuses on broker-carrier agreements

| 12/13/2010

The latest webinar in OOIDA’s Business Management Seminar series is geared toward helping owner-operators deal more effectively with independent brokers and with carriers who broker loads. The webinar, the sixth in a series geared toward the advanced owner-operator, is scheduled for 7 p.m. Central, Tuesday Dec. 14.

Don’t worry if you miss this session or any of the 10 webinars in the series. Each session is archived online and can be accessed later.

On tap for Tuesday, Dec. 14, is the sixth session of 10 in the advanced series, this one focusing on broker agreements and factoring. OOIDA’s trucking professionals and industry experts will share their knowledge about broker oversight and the rights of the trucker under broker agreements.

“Broker transparency is largely absent so it is vital that you learn what your rights and responsibilities are in broker-carrier agreements,” according to OOIDA staff in a webinar preview.

Webinars in the advanced series continue through Feb. 1. A future series starting in the spring of 2011 will be geared toward operating under one’s own authority, followed by a series for operators who lease to motor carriers.

Visit www.ooida.com to sign up, view archived material, and see the complete list of upcoming titles.

Webinars cost $60 per module or $450 for a set.