OOIDA Truckers for Troops off and running

| 12/7/2010

The fourth annual OOIDA Truckers for Troops campaign came out of the gate strong with more than 650 truckers joining the Association, renewing memberships or donating to the care package effort.

Sylvia Dodson, supervisor of OOIDA’s Membership Department was especially excited that 40 truckers joined the Association as life members on the first day of Truckers for Troops.

During the week of Dec. 6-10 truckers can join OOIDA or renew their membership for $25, with 10 percent of that money going toward care packages for U.S. troops stationed in combat areas overseas. OOIDA matches the 10 percent dollar for dollar.

Inevitably, throughout the course of Truckers for Troops, OOIDA staffers hear heartwarming stories from truckers calling in to renew their memberships or join the Association – and this year is no exception.

On Monday, Member Karol Barrow shared a story about her son who is on active duty with the National Guard serving overseas in Afghanistan.

Her son, SSG Robert Munson, was very close to Karol’s husband, Joe, who was an OOIDA member who died in 2005.

Robbie was a recipient of a care package earlier this year. The day the box was being delivered his camp was struck with a mortar attack. The box was forgotten until later that night after everything settled down and that’s when Robbie saw the box was from OOIDA.

Karol said that box meant more to Robbie than just a little gift from people stateside. To him it was a sign that his stepfather Joe was watching over the unit, because on that day, during the mortar attack, no one was injured.

You can hear that and other inspiring stories tonight during Land Line Now, the Association’s news and information radio show on the Road Dog Channel, Sirius 147 and XM 171. The show airs at 6 p.m. Central Standard Time.

Anyone wanting to join OOIDA or donate to Truckers for Troops can call in during regular business hours at 800-444-5791. Also, throughout the week, members from OOIDA’s switchboard and membership departments – along with other volunteers from around the Association – will be on hand through the airing of Land Line Now until 7:30 p.m. Central Standard Time.

Truckers can also mail in the dues and/or donations to:
OOIDA Truckers for Troops
P.O. Box 1000
Grain Valley, MO 64029

Please note on the check whether the payment is for dues, dues and donation, or donation and indicate “Troops” on the memo line.

You can also join or donate online through the OOIDA website.

To keep up with OOIDA’s 2010 Truckers for Troops campaign, you can tune in nightly to Land Line Now from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Central time; watch for updates on OOIDA.com, landlinemag.com and landlinenow.com; and catch updates as well as behind the scenes photos and videos on YouTube and Facebook.