OOIDA Outreach: More than just 'Logbooks 101'

By David Tanner, Land Line associate editor | 9/2/2010

When truck owner Jody Chavez of Lee’s Summit, MO, decided to expand his farming operation to include hauling across state lines, he turned to OOIDA to help clear some of the paperwork hurdles. It was time well spent.

Photo by Nikohle Ellis

OOIDA Member Jody Chavez works on a logbook as part of a learning session with OOIDA’s Business Services Department.

“We want to do it right,” Chavez told Land Line during a recent visit to OOIDA headquarters in Grain Valley, MO.

Chavez, who joined the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association earlier in the month, brought in three of his drivers and his office manager to learn more about hours of service, logbooks and operating authority.

“I’m hoping they get a good understanding of how to do the logbooks correctly, and I think they will,” Chavez said.

The drivers signed up as members and got some valuable face time with OOIDA Compliance Agent Tom Crowley of the Business Services Department.

“All of the drivers were local and had never done a logbook,” said Crowley. “Without the Association, it may have taken Jody weeks to come up with the information that we covered in a very short amount of time.”

Crowley said it takes a lot of paperwork and knowledge to transition any business from intrastate to interstate.

“He could bump around and come up with the regulations on his own, but it’s difficult for someone new to this type of business to know how to get the proper authority. If you’re not organized in this business, chances of success are low.”

In addition to driver logs, Crowley assisted Chavez in learning about truck tags, IFTA requirements, and alcohol and drug testing, to name a few.

“It is critical to properly prepare drivers for interstate hauling,” said Crowley, who himself has 23 years of trucking experience.

“I know it took me a long time to learn this stuff,” he added. “With what we were able to provide to Jody and his drivers, I’m sure they’re getting the start they need.”

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