Convict Mendenhall’s request for a new trial rejected

| 9/1/2010

Bruce Mendenhall won’t get a new trial to follow his conviction this year for shooting a young woman and leaving her dead at a Tennessee truck stop.

Mendenhall, a former truck driver and mayoral candidate from Albion, IL, was convicted earlier this year in the shooting death of Sara Nicole Hulbert, 25. Hulbert was found in a truck stop trash bin in Lebanon, TN in June 2007.

Mendenhall has been in jail in Davidson County, TN, since July 2007 after being charged for the deaths of four women, including Hulbert, Symantha Winters, Lucille “Gretna” Carter, and Carma Purpora. Police suspect his involvement in at least three other killings.

Last week, a Davidson County Judge denied Mendenhall a new trial for Hulbert’s death.

In January, Mendenhall was found guilty on three counts of solicitation to commit murder, stemming from his attempts to arrange for contract killings of Lori Young and two other acquaintances after he was jailed following Hulbert’s murder. He was acquitted for alleged attempts to contract out the killings of detectives Pat Postiglione and Mike Freemen, two investigators in his serial murder case.

Mendenhall was sentenced to 30 years behind bars for the jailhouse plot.

According to the Evansville Courier & Press, the 59-year-old Mendenhall must serve at least 51 years of his life sentence before he is eligible for parole.

Danny Davis, Mendenhall’s supervisor at Quality Oak Products, told Land Line in 2007 that Mendenhall’s hauling routes matched up with at least two killings that police investigated.

Davis said then that he ordered Mendenhall to clean the cab after noticing trash strewn throughout the bright yellow truck’s cab and a “ratty” odor.

– by Charlie Morasch, staff writer