Garmin recall does not affect trucking GPS units

| 8/27/2010

A company recall of certain Garmin electronic devices does not include GPS units specifically designed for truckers.

The company is recalling 1.25 million Garmin nüvi devices that contain a certain type of battery that can overheat and pose a potential fire hazard. Garmin says fewer than 10 cases have been documented to date.

The battery in question was manufactured by a third-party vendor, according to the recall statement issued by Garmin. The company is offering to replace the battery at no charge.

Units being recalled are a specific subset of the nüvi 200W, 250W and 260W models as well as the nüvi 7xx where the “xx” is a two-digit number.

The recall does not affect the nüvi 465T that includes trucking-specific routing for the Lower 48.

To check whether a Garmin unit is affected by the recall, visit the company website and enter the serial number of the device. U.S. and Canadian customers can also call 866-957-1981.