Plan unveiled to route LNG tankers through GA community

| 8/27/2010

A proposal to transport liquefied natural gas or LNG in tanker trucks on a major thoroughfare through Savannah, GA, is grabbing attention. According to media outlets, the idea isn’t sitting well with some in the community.

Southern LNG’s plan calls for 8 to 10 13,000-gallon tanker trucks with LNG to load up at Elba Island. Currently, about 50 shiploads of LNG are offloaded there on average per year. The plan is to then transport the liquid fuel by truck to several fueling areas to power heavy trucks and also to a power plant in the Southeast by 2012. Over the next 10 years, the proposal estimates the number of trucks using the route along DeRenne Avenue as going up to 58 trucks per day.

A phone call to the company was not returned as of Friday afternoon.

The city council in Savannah and some residents have expressed concerns that putting LNG trucks in high-traffic areas isn’t a good idea. However, according to Southern LNG’s website, the public has some misconceptions about the liquid fuel.

According to the company’s website, LNG will not explode and is not flammable in its liquid state. There is only a fire risk in an LNG spill if there is a vapor cloud that mixes with an ignition source.

The company states the trucks are needed to supplement “America’s natural gas supply.” If approved, as many as 100 jobs could be added by 2012 if the truck operations plan is approved.

A decision on the LNG plan could come within the next six months. The company’s application is currently being considered by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

 – By Clarissa Kell-Holland, staff writer