FMCSA pushes back intermodal rule deadline

| 8/26/2010

Intermodal chassis providers were given another year to get their ducks in a row in order to comply with some record-keeping requirements included in the new intermodal roadability requirements.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration extended the compliance deadline to have a system that requires drivers to fill out inspection reports on every chassis – even if it is not damaged or is free of defects. The reporting process was to begin by June 30. But FMCSA pushed the compliance deadline back until June 30, 2011.

The extension will give FMCSA officials a chance to consider dropping the reporting requirement on defect- or damage-free equipment. That issue was brought to light in a petition for reconsideration filed by a pair of groups representing intermodal equipment providers.

In the meantime, requirements for intermodal equipment providers to have in place inspection, repair and maintenance programs, as well as a process for receiving and taking appropriate action in response to driver inspection reports that damage, defects, or deficiencies are reported, remain in effect.