Diesel prices drop 2.2 cents to $2.957

| 8/23/2010

For the second straight week, diesel fuel prices have dropped – down 2.2 cents per gallon to $2.957.

On Monday, Aug. 23, the U.S. Energy Information Administration is reporting that fuel prices have dropped in eight of the nine regions of the country. The Rocky Mountain region is the only one reporting a slight five-tenths of a cent increase from a week ago to average $3.016 per gallon.

A year ago, diesel was selling for around $2.668, about 28.9 cents per gallon less than it is now. Diesel prices are still above the $3 mark in five of the regions.

The Lower Atlantic region beat out the Gulf Coast region with the lowest fuel prices of all of the regional averages, as prices there dropped 3 cents to $2.910 per gallon.

The California region is again posting the highest diesel prices at $3.171 per gallon, a drop of 1.5 cents from a week ago.

National average – $2.957
East Coast – $2.952
New England – $3.009
Central Atlantic – 3.038
Lower Atlantic – 2.910
Midwest – $2.927
Gulf Coast – $2.916
Rocky Mountain – $3.016
West Coast – $3.114
California – $3.171