‘Cure’ truck convoy founder organizes one for bikes

| 8/13/2010

It isn’t as if Rachèle Champagne doesn’t have enough on her plate already as a full-time trucker and founder of Convoy for a Cure, which includes four convoys in Canada and one in the United States. Now, she’s raising money for breast cancer research by hosting the first-ever Convoy for a Cure Bike Edition.

The staging area for the motorcycle convoy, which will include both men and women, will be from noon to five p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 28, at the Harley-Davidson de L'Outaouais dealership in Gatineau, Quebec. Champagne said food and live music will be available there for participants. From there, the convoy will travel about 50 miles to Montebello, Quebec, where Canadian illusionist Frédéric Clément will perform.

“I admit it’s a lot of work because I have been averaging about 3,000 to 4,000 miles per week. A lot of my spare time is spent organizing events, which I don’t mind, because I believe in what we are doing,” she told Land Line on Friday, Aug. 13.

Prices vary for those who want to participate in one or both of the day’s events. For one biker the cost will be $35 for the convoy, which includes a T-shirt, but not the show in Montebello. The cost is $65 for a biker who wants to participate in the convoy and attend the show afterward. The price is $85 for a rider and guest wanting to attend both events.

She said Chantel Rheault, who is also heavily involved in the Cure convoys, has been instrumental in organizing the bike convoy.

Champagne said when she first had the idea of organizing the first Cure convoy, she didn’t know anyone who had been personally affected by the disease. In the three years she has been involved in the convoys, Champagne admits she has been touched by so many people who turn out for the convoys or donate money for research.

“All of their stories are amazing, and what I have learned through this whole process is that awareness and prevention are so important,” she said.

She recently obtained her motorcycle license, but isn’t sure yet if she will ride in the convoy or if she will lead the convoy in her truck, which was the inspiration behind the Cure convoys.

All of the proceeds raised from the bike convoy will go toward her truck convoy scheduled for Oct. 2. Her goal this year is to raise $50,000.

“Many truckers also ride bikes. This is a way to combine both to raise money for this important cause,” she said.

– By Clarissa Kell-Holland, staff writer