Port of Oakland set to begin DPF enforcement

| 4/29/2010

Trucks visiting the Port of Oakland will be required to have diesel particulate filters starting Saturday.

The port is set to begin enforcing one tier of the state’s port drayage rule on Saturday, including the first enforcement requiring DPFs for many trucks that work at the port.

The port had been scheduled to begin enforcing the rule in January, though it issued an extension during the winter.

Trucks with 1993 or older trucks are banned at all state ports and intermodal rail yards according to CARB’s port drayage rule, and trucks with 1994-2003 model year engines must be equipped with a CARB-approved Level 3 DPF by May 1.

The Oakland Tribune reported that after the port’s grant money for drivers ran out, many drayage drivers have scrambled to come up with money to pay for expensive retrofits.