OOIDA membership will elect new alternates to board

| 4/29/2010

While November elections may grab the big headlines, OOIDA is on course in an Association election that will seat five new alternates to the organization’s directing board in 2011.

“The lifeline of any organization is the ability to attract the most qualified members to serve on the Board of Directors. I don’t know of one organization that is not well served by electing new blood to the directing board,” said Bob Esler, chairman of the Board’s Nomination-Election Committee. “OOIDA’s election process is a sound business model, and the entire membership benefits from the potential for diversity and equity.”

Every two years, OOIDA holds an election for alternates to the Association’s Board of Directors. The election process officially began Nov. 2, 2009, when the Nomination-Election Committee sent nomination forms to all current dues-paying members.

By the end of 2009, those nomination forms were returned and have now been reviewed for eligibility. Those members who had a minimum of five consecutive years of commercial truck driving experience and five consecutive years of active membership in the Association immediately before the nomination were moved on to a nominee list.

Those nominees have been notified and were asked to respond with an acceptance. The next step is for the Nomination-Election Committee to re-verify qualification of the nominees, conduct interviews of those individuals, and submit a ballot to the full membership for its consideration.

Alternates will be elected by and from the membership for two-year terms. The Nomination-Election Committee met during the Spring Board Meeting in April and announced that as many as five nominees will be seated.

The election will take place in the fall of 2010. Ballots will be sent out by Nov. 15, and members will have 45 days to cast their vote. All ballots must be returned to OOIDA by Dec. 30.

It is important that you as an OOIDA member take the opportunity to participate in this election by voting for those nominees you feel are qualified to sit on the OOIDA Board. The election process is a valuable part of your membership as you are responsible for electing those individuals who lead and guide your Association.

This year, the Association will also offer an online voting process. Watch for more information on this.

Also, to help you with the election process, in early November we will introduce the top-scoring nominees and air mini-interviews on our Sirius XM Satellite Radio show, Land Line Now. Short bios and comments from nominees will be featured in the November issue of Land Line Magazine.

The elected alternates will be seated at the spring 2011 board meeting.

By Sandi Soendker, managing editor