Police suspect carbon monoxide poisoning in trucker death

| 4/23/2010

A Canadian truck driver was found dead in his cab this week after his propane heater apparently created an overwhelming amount of carbon monoxide inside the truck.

Bruce Kidd, 59, was reported missing Tuesday, April 20. Police officers found him at 9 p.m. Tuesday inside his parked truck in the city of Guelph, Ontario. Police believe he died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

News reports said temperatures were near freezing when Kidd probably turned the propane heater on.

Guelph has a 10-minute idling limit per hour. The city ordinance has nine exemptions, including idling to operate a heating or refrigeration system “necessary for the welfare or preservation of the cargo contained therein.”

Truck drivers that have a doctor’s certificate showing that “the environment surrounding him or her is to be maintained at a certain temperature or humidity,” also are exempt.

According to CTV News, Kidd was a lifelong trucker survived by his three children.

– By Charlie Morasch, staff writer