Whizzinator seller gets six-month stint

| 4/12/2010

The head of a company that sold a prosthetic device has been sentenced to prison after investigators showed the product was marketed to truck drivers and others as a way to beat supervised drug urine tests required by the DOT and other employers.

Gerald Wills, 67, of Los Angeles, was sentenced this past week to six months in federal prison.

Wills pleaded guilty in 2008 to conspiracy to sell and market drug paraphernalia, and conspiracy to defraud the U.S. government.

The Whizzinator is a male prosthetic penis urinating device used to defeat employment drug urine tests. The product came with a synthetic urine kit that Puck Technology employees told undercover investigators was undetectable. A law enforcement officer was able to obtain a Whizzinator kit complete with the prosthesis, dehydrated urine, heat pads and a syringe for $157.50.

Wills was president and owner of Signal Hill, CA-based Puck Technology Inc., which sold the Whizzinator between Oct. 10, 2005 and May 7, 2008. Court documents show Puck Technology deposited $68,000 into its bank account during one three-week stretch in 2007.

The company has since been shut down, and Wills and another company official turned $300,000 in cash and other assets over to the government as part of the plea.

In 2005, a pro football player made the Whizzinator famous after authorities discovered the product in his luggage at an airport.

Several Web sites once run by Wills and Puck Technology offered testimonials for the Whizzinator, including one that said “not only was it undetectable, but I passed with flying colors,” court documents show.

Another said “I have to pass DOT drug screens every quarter, and your product has saved my job countless times … thanks for making such a great product and making it affordable too.”

– By Charlie Morasch, staff writer