Maersk to begin new ‘damaged container’ charges for truckers in May

| 4/8/2010

One of the world’s largest shippers has said it will levy another charge on truck drivers.

American Shipper reported that Maersk will begin assessing “out of service” charges of $150 per container and $350 per reefer container in order to cover costs when the containers are returned damaged, the shipping giant has announced.

Although the new charge won’t cover repair costs, truckers were offered one assurance: The new charge plus repair costs should be the only ones drayage drivers will be responsible for, according to Maersk.

A Maersk official told American Shipper the charges were based on a “carefully calculated estimate of the actual costs associated with repairs.”

“And in publishing these estimates up front, we can offer you the certainty of knowing you will not be liable for any additional costs in excess of the OOS charge and repair costs if you are ever responsible for container damage.”

– By Charlie Morasch, staff writer