Follow Zoo Interchange restrictions unless you have $1,700 to burn

By David Tanner, Land Line associate editor | 4/5/2010

Good and bad news out of Wisconsin.

The good news is a temporary bridge is now up and running on Northbound U.S. 45 within Milwaukee’s busy Zoo Interchange. This temporary bridge is needed to pave the way for a large-scale replacement project that could begin in a year or two.

The bad news is the state estimates that one in six truckers are violating weight restrictions posted on three ramps in August 2009. The average fine has been $1,700.

“Wisconsin is serious about enforcing the weight restrictions,” said OOIDA Director of Regulatory Affairs Joe Rajkovacz, a former Wisconsin resident and produce hauler. “If you have $1,700 dollars extra lying around that you don’t need – get caught violating the restrictions that they are enforcing.”

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation posted the following weight restrictions in August 2009:

  • 60,000 pounds from Northbound Interstate 894/U.S. 45 to Northbound U.S. 45;
  • 70,000 pounds from Southbound U.S. 45 to Eastbound I-94; and
  • 80,000 pounds from Northbound I-894/U.S. 45 to Westbound I-94.

By posting the restrictions, the state has been hoping to extend the life of the infrastructure, which is crumbling and in need of reconstruction.

WIDOT provided a detour map to help out in addition to posted signs and sensors.

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