Armed man uses CB ploy to rob trucker in Florida

| 3/25/2010

Sheriff’s officers in northern Florida say an armed man used a tactic they haven’t seen before to rob a trucker on Tuesday, March 23.

Lt. Steve Maynard of the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office says a 28-year-old driver for Earle Trucking of Woodbury, TN, had just left a rest area on Interstate 75 north of Gainesville when someone called on the CB and told him his right front tire was low.

The trucker pulled over and checked the tire, which was fine.

Lt. Maynard told Land Line Now that’s when the trucker noticed he had company.

“Just as he was turning around to get back in his truck, he was approached by a younger black male who asked him if everything was OK and if he needed help,” Maynard said. “He replied politely, no, he didn’t need any help. Then the younger subject produced a handgun and stuck it in his face and demanded that he turn over all his cash.”

Maynard said the trucker did the right thing.

“No amount of money in your pocket is worth dying for. He turned over a little over $80 cash that was in his pocket, and the individual left with no one getting injured.”

The sheriff’s officers think the suspect targeted the trucker when he stopped at the rest area not far from the scene of the robbery.

The only suspect information is that he is a young black male with a cornrow hairstyle who was wearing shorts. His vehicle was a red compact and may have been a Nissan or Toyota.

– By Reed Black, staff writer