Governors call for new bureaucracy to stress efficiency

| 3/23/2010

The National Governors Association is calling on states to create new offices to focus on transportation issues such as mobility, performance, lower emissions and higher value investments.

According to the NGA, the states of Colorado, Maryland, Tennessee, Washington and West Virginia will kick things off during the next 10 months. Their charge:

  • Establish a cabinet-level office to line up infrastructure development with state goals;
  • Address unique concerns and needs for mobility, accessibility, emissions, financial stability, demographics, climate and topography;
  • Adapt user costs to manage demand and pay for management and maintenance; and
  • Develop enhanced goals and metrics that best reflect transportation goals.

Other states will be paying attention. The bureaucracies and policies being developed will be released as best practices for all states, according to the NGA.

– By David Tanner, associate editor