Ex-Arrow Trucking driver’s hopes of recovering personal items dwindling

| 3/15/2010

David Mann’s hopes of ever finding his personal belongings are dwindling a little more each day as no one has been able to definitively tell him what happened to the 2006 Freightliner he once drove for Tulsa-based Arrow Trucking.

And with an auction planned for Thursday, March 18, for more than 330 tractors and trailers, Mann said he may never know what happened to his stuff.

Before the 61-year-old company’s collapse in December 2009, Mann’s truck broke down out on the road on the East Coast, and another Arrow Trucking driver towed his Freightliner back to the shop for repairs in Tulsa. However, once he arrived back in Tulsa, he found out there were between 40 and 50 trucks ahead of his needing repairs. Mann said he was told it was going to be weeks before the shop got around to fixing his truck.

Instead of waiting around in Tulsa, Mann told Land Line recently he decided to “fly home for the holidays.”

Early December 2009 was the last time Mann said he saw his truck and his belongings inside.

He said his truck would be among the 70-plus “non-runners” being auctioned off by Taylor & Martin at Fair Meadows racetrack on Thursday.

Dave Schloemer, who is a sales manager with Taylor & Martin, told Land Line on Monday, March 15, that he would have someone look to see if they could find Mann’s truck, but the odds were not good that his belongings would still be inside.

“At this point, the trucks had already been cleaned out before we got them, and we are just shining them up to get ready for the sale,” he said.

Mann said he had more than $2,500 worth of clothes, maps, tools and electronics inside his truck, but decided to leave it all in his truck because he couldn’t take it all on the plane. His dispatch manager reassured him that the company’s financial situation was “improving.”

“The last time I saw my truck, all 10 wheels had been removed and it was in bad shape,” Mann said. “I later found out at some point after I flew back to Florida that the wheels had been put back on and my truck had been towed. I really want my 30 or more Harley-Davidson T-shirts, my $400 power inverter, and my tools I had inside my truck.”

– By Clarissa Kell-Holland, staff writer