Senate expected to shore up Highway Trust Fund

| 3/15/2010

The U.S. Senate was scheduled on Monday, March 15, to advance a much-ballyhooed piece of legislation known as the jobs bill, HR2847.

The House and Senate have traded versions of the bill back and forth in recent weeks. The two chambers must agree on final language before sending the bill on to the president for signature into law.

Provisions in HR2847 call for shoring up the Highway Trust Fund through Dec. 31 using $15 billion in funding from the Treasury.

The bill would also extend the Build America Bonds program, allow small businesses to deduct equipment purchases and would create a payroll tax credit for businesses that hire.

Senate leadership was planning on calling a cloture vote at 5:30 p.m. Eastern on Monday. A cloture vote ends debate and clears the way for a vote on the actual bill.

– By David Tanner, associate editor