Online readers say family was biggest highlight of 2009

| 12/30/2009

There were bigger things at stake than the economy for many Land Line readers in 2009.

Land Line Magazine recently posed a question to online readers to share the most positive thing that happened to them during the year.

Amazingly, three separate people responded on Facebook to tell us the highlight of their year was being reunited with lost family members.

“Finding the daughter that I gave up for adoption when she was 3 days old, 36 years later, right here on Facebook. Who da thought?” said one responder, Linda Peavy.

Melissa Horstmann found a sister she had been looking for and was doubly surprised when her biological mother contacted her through Facebook.

Land Line reader Gerald Northcutt reunited with his daughter for Thanksgiving.

Casey Welch, an OOIDA member from Kansas, was proud of his son for setting goals – including one to join the Navy after high school. As Casey said, “Way to go, Dustin.”

As you can see, the positive memories of 2009 for Linda, Melissa, Gerald and Casey centered on family. That was also the case for Nathan Wolven who said he was most proud to watch the birth of his son.

A flatbedder, who goes by the name “Drivers Alike” and who runs a small trucking Web site, said giving away a turkey dinner to a needy family was a highlight during the year. Great to see. It really shows the heart that truckers have.

OOIDA Member “Bill” Esser, aka “billinthetruck,” told us via Twitter that he was thankful for the opportunity to expand his trucking family in 2009. We all met Bill during his recent tour of Association headquarters.

“My highlight of 2009 was attending the OOIDA Going into Business seminar held last month,” he said.

OOIDA Member “Gus” Gustafson, aka “Trucker_Scooter,” shared this via Twitter: “Remembering my time being trained out of driving school with USA Truck and my trainer, Cecil Williams.”

Everyone out there had something to be thankful for in 2009. We would like to wish everyone the best in 2010.

– By David Tanner, staff writer