Trucker helps rescue family

| 12/22/2009

In Virginia, state police are crediting a truck driver with helping save a man and two children whose car went off Interstate 95 and ended up upside down in a creek bed during a snowstorm.

WTVR, a CBS affiliate in Richmond,reported that trucker Joseph Weavil of North Carolina saw the car go over the embankment and called police. When they arrived, he helped lower a state trooper down the 20-foot slope to the car.

The driver was later charged with DUI, but neither he nor his two 5-year-old twins were seriously hurt.

Police say the site of the crash wasn’t visible from the highway and that if Weavil hadn’t seen it happen, the wreck could have gone undetected for hours.

As trooper Scott Bass told WTVR, “The quick actions of Mr. Weavil and his assistance in the rescue during the snowstorm undoubtedly made the difference between life and death for these individuals.”