CSA: The point system

| 3/16/2010

FMCSA officials have assigned weighted values for various violations that may have noted on inspections or on crash reports. It important to note that these weighted values will then be time weighted, divided by relevant inspections and separated into peer groups.

That will determine a motor carrier’s percentile ranking showing its compliance in a certain BASIC category. That percentile ranking will be the number that FMCSA is watching – not the individual weighted point totals – to determine if an intervention is in order.

Here’s a sampling of some of the point values.

Violation (reg)                                                              Points

  • Following too close – 392.2                                         5
  • Violating OOS order – 392.5(c)(2)                              10
  • 60/70-hour rule – 395.1(o)                                          7
  • Failure to include driver signature
    or certification in duty status records – 395.8(d)(5)     2
  • Failure to list main office address
    in duty status records – 395.8(d)(7)                            2
  • Driver failing to retain previous
  • 7 days’ logs – 395.8(k)(2)                                            5
  • No medical certificate – 391.41(b)(3)                           1
  • Inoperative tail lamp – 393.9(a)                                  6
  • Failure to display current CVSA Decal:
    Permanent Authority – 365.511                                   4
  • Periodic inspection – 396.21                                        4

The full list of violations can be found here starting on Page 36 of the document.