Truckers, LA County officials, move closer to compromise on truck parking issue

| 8/31/2009

For months now, truckers in the high desert community of Littlerock, CA, have been working toward a workable solution with Los Angeles County that would allow them to continue parking their rigs at their residences.

While both sides continue to “agree to disagree” on some of the code enforcement issues residents of Littlerock are facing, both sides seem to agree that resolving the truck parking issue is within reach.

This movement toward a workable compromise occurred on Aug. 26 when two representatives from LA County – Norm Hickling, who is Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich’s field deputy for the Antelope Valley, and Paul Novak, who is Antonovich’s planning deputy – toured the community of Littlerock, at the request of truckers and other community activists.

“The tour went well,” commented Novak in a recent e-mail to Land Line.

OOIDA Regulatory Affairs Specialist Joe Rajkovacz, who met with Antonovich, Hickling and Novak on this issue in July, said this joint effort shows that both sides are “committed to resolving the truck parking issue.”

“This process is never easy or quick as much as we would like it to be, but through the efforts of our members and some key leadership, it seems they are moving toward a solution that will allow them to legally park their trucks at their residences,” Rajkovacz said.

OOIDA member Tom Fidger’s residence was the last stop on the Littlerock tour. Fidger, who also sits on the Littlerock Town Council, has been cited by the county for truck parking violations and for having a piece of earth-moving equipment on his property.

“Overall, I think we gleaned a lot of useful information that will help us on the truck parking issue,” Fidger told Land Line recently. “Both Hickling and Novak said we are close, but that we need to get moving and finish our CSD (Community Standard Development regulation), so we can present it to the town council.”

However, Fidger added, “When they were here, I told them I am still looking for that piece of earth-moving equipment I am supposed to have on my property.”

Bill Guild, former president of the Littlerock Town Council, served as one of the guides on the tour. He has been working with the truckers to amend their CSD.

“I am gratified by their suggestions to speed up the truck parking amendment,” Guild wrote in an e-mail to Land Line. “To be fair, both Paul and Norm were very supportive of our efforts to craft a truck amendment to our CSD and suggested that it could be done fairly quickly.”

Rajkovacz said the truckers’ efforts in Littlerock are a testament that perseverance can pay off in the long run.

“Fighting city hall is never easy, but perseverance has its rewards, which may very well result in a positive outcome for our members,” he said.

– By Clarissa Kell-Holland, staff writer