Colorado emissions switch shouldn’t change much, state says

| 8/25/2009

Colorado-based motor carriers will soon see a registration process change, but the state says the switch is procedural and shouldn’t affect many truckers.

The Colorado Department of Revenue says an emissions certification change beginning in January for in-state truck owners shouldn’t pull trucks off of the road as long as they’ve been compliant.

Colorado-based motor carriers outside a few urban counties have turned in their truck’s diesel emission certification documents to the state Department of Revenue’s Motor Carrier Services division for years.

Beginning on Jan. 1, 2010, all truck owners may continue to obtain emission exemption forms to the state motor carrier services division, but they’ll turn them in for approval to the state’s emissions group, also a division of the Department of Revenue.

In July, OOIDA Board Member Jim Mathews, of Greely, and other Colorado motor carriers received letters saying that a change in diesel emission certification “may or may not affect your next IRP registration renewal.”

Emission extension forms are available by clicking here.

Mark Couch, Colorado Department of Revenue spokesman, said the registration change doesn’t affect trucks that aren’t based in Colorado.

The Colorado Motor Carrier Services Division is available at 303-205-5680.

– By Charlie Morasch, staff writer