New Mexico governor calls for stricter DWI penalties

| 8/20/2009

In New Mexico, the governor has plans to bring greater penalties down on drunken drivers.

While New Mexico has been able to reduce alcohol-involved fatalities by one-third, Gov. Bill Richardson said it is not enough. The governor wants to do more by increasing penalties and closing loopholes for drunken drivers as part of a package of bills he plans to offer during the 2010 regular session.

“We are making a final, decisive push during my remaining time in office to prevent more alcohol-involved tragedies,” Richardson said in a written statement. “And for those who still don’t get the message, they will face time in jail.”

First-time drunk drivers would face three days of mandatory jail time and $2,500 fines. Currently, those offenders face fines up to $500 without mandatory jail time. Repeat offenders would face increased jail time while a third offense would become a felony. State law now makes a fourth offense a felony.

He also is calling for legislation that would prevent drivers who refuse to provide blood or breath samples from pleading down to a non-driving while intoxicated charge. Electronic monitoring would not be an option in lieu of mandatory jail time for DWI offenders.

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– By Keith Goble, state legislative editor

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