CARB fines dealers of motorcycles, ATVs

| 8/14/2009

Proving the California Air Resources Board goes after non-trucking businesses for emissions slipups, CARB announced this week that it is fining a group of dealerships more than a quarter of a million dollars for importing bikes and ATVs that don’t meet the state’s stringent engine standards.

On Thursday, CARB announced that a group of motorcycle and ATV dealers would pay $268,000 in a settlement. A June decision in Los Angeles County Superior Court had called for a $1.88 million judgment against the companies.

Defendants include Viva Motor Sports Inc., DEC 26 Inc., BH Motorsports Inc., Nitro Motorsports Inc. and their associated businesses, all based in the Los Angeles area.

In addition to the fines, the companies are “permanently enjoined from acquiring, offering for sale, or selling uncertified motor vehicles for use, registration, or resale in California and falsely representing that a vehicle is certified,” a CARB statement read.

“There are plenty of great motorcycles that meet clean air standards,” said Mary Nichols, CARB chairman. “Most dealers know this and carry only bikes that have their California smog certificate. Those who try to cut corners put themselves in a lose-lose situation.”

– By Charlie Morasch, staff writer